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Hawk in his Antsy Pants cloth diaper for bedtime! Wake up sleepy head!

**This is an old post.  Neither of my boys are in diapers at night anymore, but we will definitely be using their Antsy Pants when Jett grows into them!

Both of my boys are still in diapers at night.  Hawk (3) and Braxton(6) are practically the same size when it comes to diapers, however they are shaped very differently.  The awesome thing about the Antsy Pants cloth diapers is that they basically fit any body type.  The hip/waist elastic and side snapping makes them an adjustable and easy fit.

Nine times out of ten, Hawk wakes up dry!  Brax, not so much.  Brax is a very sound sleeper, and he’s my earliest to sleep.  Andy always ends up having to put a diaper on him and take him upstairs after he’s asleep.

We have five Antsy Pants that we wash and rotate between the boys.  We use an extra Knickernappies LoopyDos insert in them, and they are good to go all night. These are actually the only cloth diapers that the boys will wear to bed – no idea why.  They do, however, fight over who gets what color if they’re still awake when it’s bedtime!  We have orange, green, red, and two aquas!

From the site:

If your child is almost night trained, you can use Antsy Pants™ as a back-up without an insert too. Since Antsy Pants™ don’t look like “baby diapers” and they are comfortable, you shouldn’t get toddler attitude about putting them on, either.