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This post was written pre-Jett.

From the get-go, Andy and I decided that we’re NOT going to find out the gender of this baby until birth!  Some people think it’s cool, some people think we’re crazy, and some people say that there’s NO way they could wait!

We’re cool with it!  The only thing it really means, for us, is that we’ll have to come up with two different names. (I just shot one down today, by the way – poor Andy.)  I’m a ‘gender neutral’ kinda person when it comes to clothes, diapers, car seats, etc.

According to Baby Gender Prediction on Baby2See.com, this baby is a girl. (32 years old and January conception)

According to the Mayan Gender Prediction Chart, this baby is a boy.

Let’s see, then there’s the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar that says it has a 93% accuracy!  It says – Congratulations!  It’s a boy!
This is kinda funny!  The Select Baby Gender Test here shows that (according to birth dates), Braxton and Hawk are both GIRLS and Kylie is a BOY!  SO.. if I put in this baby’s due date as a birth date, it says BOY, so I’m assuming it will be GIRL!


Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom

The Gender Predictor at Fortune Baby wanted me to pay $19.95 to tell me what I’m having, so I decided to skip that one!

As soon as I get a heartbeat on this little one (possibly tomorrow), I’m going to take the Online Gender Prediction test at Childbirth.org

SO there you have it folks!  In October, we’ll be having either a boy or a girl!  I can’t wait!  When I have some time, I’ll get around to doing some of those wives tales tests!  That should be fun!!