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Since becoming pregnant, one of the things I’ve had the hardest time processing is scent.  You’ve probably read about my problems with smell aversion, and we’re not just talking food!  I have a hard time with anything scented, and if I can’t stand it, it has to go!

I went on a search for laundry detergents that would get our clothes clean but not make my nose curl and my stomach want to.. well.. whatever rhymes with curl.

First, my encounter with OTHER brands.  Skip down passed the block quote text for the Ecover review, if you’re not interested in why I chose Ecover!

“T”he other stuff!

My two most recent, before Ecover were both a name brand that starts with “T”.

The first was “T” Original Scent that my dad thought I might be able to handle since it smelled clean, and I just could not seem to wear the clothes after washing them.  She scent was out of this word STRONG, and I could not stomach it at all.

The second was the same “T” brand, but the Free and Gentle version.  Although this had no scent to it, it also seemed as if it had not WASHING action to it.  I would take the clothes out of the washer and they would smell just as they did when they went in. I ended up having to wash one load THREE times before it stopped smelling like wet-but-not-washed clothes.

I started thinking about it, and I wondered if the other “T” Original Scent was just so scented that it covered up the fact that the clothes weren’t really clean?

Which brings me to Ecover.

I started using Ecover right before we went on vacation.  I was actually amazed at how my clothing had NO smell while transferring them from the washer to the dryer.  This is really where I do my test to see how clean they are (that and when they’re right out of the dryer, really hot). After vacation, I was happy to learn that our clothes that had been sitting for days on end in laundry bags washed really well with Ecover, and they had no musty smells that I would have expected with “T”he Other Brand.

When I opened the box, I noticed there was a really light citrus like scent to it, but it was so fresh and clean smelling.  It did not hang with the clothes after they were cleaned and dried.  I’ve also used it for cloth diapers, and they come out of the wash exceptionally clean.  I’m very please with Ecover, and plan to make it our family’s new detergent.

My favorite features of Ecover:

  • Keeps colors bright
  • Ideal for baby clothes
  • No phosphates nor optical brighteners
  • No animal testing; minimum impact on aquatic life
  • No artificial fragrances, safe for septic tanks, fast and complete biodegradability

After such a positive experience with the Ecover Laundry detergent, my husband and I decided to try the Ecover Ecological Cream Scrub for our kitchen sink. It now stays white and clean, rather than scratched up from all of the dishes and cast iron beatings it takes with three kiddos. It’s plant and mineral based, so it’s not harsh on the surface!

Purchase Ecover from their site, one of the many markets listed, or from AMAZON (free shipping with Amazon Mom or Prime!)!!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED – Congratulations to the winner – Susan S.!


Ecover is offering one of my readers their very own box of laundry powder!!

Please make sure you post one comment PER entry!  I have an app that automatically chooses the winner from the comments.  You’ll definitely want to make sure that you have as many comments (entries) as possible!

Mandatory Entry –Visit Ecover.com and let me know what other product you think you will like!  You will be BLOWN away with how much they offer! (1 entry)

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Disclaimer – Ecover supplied me with this product for review purposes only.  I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are that of my own.