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Before heading out to spend loads of money looking for just the right cloth diaper ointment or cream that may or may not work for your baby, try making your own using this Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Cream Recipe OR, check to see if you have these things laying around the house to help with rashes (while you’re in the process of making your own!).

Olive Oil – Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Light Weight, Cloth diaper Safe

Olive oil has become a staple in most households these days.  If you’re parenting naturally, and you don’t have any in your cabinets, I would suggest that you run out and get some ASAP.  Yes, it can be a bit pricey, but it has such wonderful healing properties, you can’t afford NOT to have it!

Coconut Oil – Antiviral, Antifungal, Anti-yeast, Light Weight, Cloth Diaper Safe

Like olive oil, coconut oil is taking the nation by storm! There are hundreds of healthy uses for coconut oil, and it’s safe to add diaper rash prevention or healing to the list.  Again, it can be pricey, but don’t skimp out on the cheap stuff.  Go ahead and grab the organic virgin coconut oil.  It will last a while, and you’ll not believe you ever lived with out it!

Tea Tree Oil – Antiseptic, Antifungal, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Cooling, Light Weight, Cloth Diaper Safe

If you can get over the distinct odor of tea tree oil, this is the must have essential oil of anyone.. parent or not!  Tea tree oil is so versatile from it’s cleaning ability to it’s healing power.  You will not want to apply this directly to your baby’s bottom, but mixing a drop in with olive or coconut oil will be an awesome combination to help fight a diaper rash.

Lavender Oil – Pain Relief, Cell Rejuvenation, Aromatic, Calming, Soothing, Light Weight, Cloth Diaper Safe

Lavender oil never ceases to amaze me!  This is always my top pick in essential oils for any aches and pains around the house.  It will help take away your baby’s pain (mixed with olive or coconut oil), help heal broken skin, and calm your baby all at the same time.

Lanolin – Antifungal, Antibacterial, Lubricating, Thick, Semi-Safe for Cloth Diapers

This is one of those greatly debated rash treatments that may or may not be safe for cloth diapers.  Some argue that because lanolin is used in making wool covers waterproof it’s not good to put on the inside of diapers, and some argue that you can simply wash it out with a little soap and hot water.  If you have any doubts or problems, just use a liner with it!  Most people come home from the birth center or hospital with Lansinoh or some type of lanolin.  This is not only great for healing/preventing cracked nipples during breastfeeding, but the same goes for healing your baby’s bottom.

Plain Yogurt – Anti-yeast, Antifungal, Cooling, Cloth Diaper Safe

Plain yogurt, no flavor, no sugar, contains acidophilus and is antifungal.  Yogurt will fight off yeast rashes.  All you have to do is get about a tablespoon of PLAIN yogurt (it’s important not to use sugary yogurts) and spread it on as you would a cream or ointment.  Yes, it can go in and around the girly bits as well.  You can use it with every diaper change until the redness disappears.

Baking Soda – pH Balance, Non-Irritating, Pain Relief, Neutralizing, Cheap, Cloth Diaper Safe

Everyone keeps baking soda in the cabinet!  I would not recommend using this as a powder, because the last thing you want is your baby inhaling baking soda, but I would recommend mixing it with a little water to make a paste.  It helps with itching and other skin irritations, and it balances the pH of your baby’s skin to promote healing.

Corn Starch – Drying, Non-Toxic, Powder Replacement, Cloth Diaper Safe

Corn Starch is a non-toxic natural talc alternative.  If you’re a powder person, this can be safely used without worrying about the baby inhaling harmful chemicals.  Corn starch will allow quick drying of your babies bottom, and has been known to aid in the healing process of rashes.

Breastmilk – Antibiotic, All Natural, Unprocessed, From the Tap, Made for Baby, Free, Cloth Diaper Safe

Breastmilk is THE antibiotic to have!  This is not only fresh from the tap of lactating moms, but it’s 100% made for your baby!  All you have to do is apply it to your baby’s bottom, air dry, and go on about your business!  It’s so healthy and good for your baby’s bottom!

Water – Cooling, Cleansing, Cloth Diaper Safe

Please make sure you clean your baby’s bottom with plain water when he or she has a diaper rash.  Soapy (even though it’s just a little) wipes can leave behind burning residue that doesn’t help with the healing process, and they can also cause your baby pain.  It’s a good idea to use cloth wipes with only water (even mixed with any of the above oils) or put your baby in clean bath or sink water to help clean the bottom.  Make sure your baby is completely dry before putting another diaper on.

Air – Free, Cloth Diaper Safe

The most important, natural, non-toxic, and free diaper rash healing and preventing element can’t be found on any store shelf or expressed from any boob!  Simply put… It’s air.  Remember, when your baby is having rash issues, his or her bottom needs to breath just as a scrap or cut needs to breath.  Don’t forget the importance of “airing it out”.  It’s not just an old wives tale.  The more air time your baby’s rash gets, the faster it will heal.

I’m fairly sure that I have not covered everything – just what I think may be around your house, in your pantry, or in your cabinets!  Feel free to add more to the comments so that I can add more to the list!

**Disclaimer – Please note that not all of these items will help all rashes.  Some rashes such as yeast, and MSRA, and breakouts may need more modern medical attention.  If natural remedies aren’t working for your baby, please contact your midwife, nurse practitioner, or pediatrician.