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Here’s a pretty nifty, eco-friendly deal!  This Re-Pac Bags Groupon is great for those of us who send lunches to school with our kiddos every day, or families who like to take snacks with them wherever they go!

Re-Pac Bags Groupon

Re-Pac Bags Groupon

$15 for $30 Worth of Eco-Friendly, Reusable Bags

A small, 7″x4″ bag ($6.95) can hold a small item or a snack, and a medium, 7″x6″ bag($7.95) is the right size to stow sandwiches. Place a towel or other large load into a gallon-size bag ($9.95).

Re-Pac Bags

Eco-friendly, reusable Re-Pac Bags protect food, toiletries, and other items within confines that repel mildew and mould. Vibrant colors and patterns add touches of style to their tightly woven nylon liners, zippers, and polyester outsides, which have been rated safe for food by a third-party lab. The sacks range in volume from 7″x4″ bags (about the size of a pair of sunglasses) all the way up to a gallon-size bag ideal for carrying toiletries or the world’s largest gumdrop.

Grab this deal!