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We’d all like to do our part for Mother Nature, but most of us go buy new things when we refit our spaces. While you need to keep quality in mind, you can use recycled and refitted objects as bathroom accessories to save you money as well as to help the planet. Read on for six objects you can repurpose or buy made from recycled materials that will make your renovated bathroom a stylish and eco-friendly haven.

Recycled Objects to Remodel Your BathroomMake Your Own Rugs

It’s not as hard as you think to make your own bathroom rugs. Do you have any carpet remnants left over from a previous home renovation? When you set out to remodel your bathroom, measure the space you’ll need for rugs and compare it to any remnants you have left. Rag rugs are easy enough to make, if you have a sewing machine and a little creativity.

Dye Your Curtains

Tired of your old curtains? Consider dyeing them instead of replacing them. A fresh color on an old curtain will update your bathroom’s look while saving money. Alternatively, if you have a sewing machine, think of ways you can repurpose other fabrics from your home to make cheap, bright curtains. Old bed sheets that still have a nice pattern? Last year’s Halloween costume? Be creative. Carefully check what dye you choose, however. Some kinds have harsh chemicals that you might not want on your skin and you definitely don’t want in your water supply.

Use a Paint-Exchange Program

Look in your local newspaper or check with your local recycling program to see if there’s an active paint-exchange program in your community. If there isn’t, you could start one. A paint-exchange program allows people to donate their own partially used cans of house paint for someone else’s. While it might be hard to finish your house’s exterior with this program, touching up your bathroom is entirely possible.

Recycle Your Kitchen Jars

The key to an uncluttered bathroom is a good organization system, and that system relies on an everything-in-its-place method that needs a lot of smaller containers. Reuse jam jars, margarine tubs, plastic bottles and other household products’ containers to sort your bathroom well. Clear glass jars make great vases and candleholders for a decorative effect.  And, even if you don’t like the look of these things on your counters, use the recycled tubs under the sink or in the cupboard where they won’t be regularly seen.

Think Plants, Not Art

Instead of investing in more framed artwork or dust-collectors, freshen up your bathroom with plants. Go to your local nursery to find what houseplants would do well in your bathroom’s climate. Consider the source and brightness of available light, the amount of humidity present and the space available for plants. When you pot the plants, see if you can recycle any jars, vases or other containers in doing so.

Visit the Thrift Store

Even if you don’t usually look for bargains at thrift stores, checking out your local one is a great idea when you renovate your bathroom. It’s recycling at its purest form, after all — the items have been used before and are already checked out by the store’s staff to make sure they’re still in useable condition. Look for mirrors, baskets for toiletry items, cabinets, chairs or stools and decorative items at thrift stores. Families with kids can have fun decorating on a budget at a thrift store too, as there is usually a selection of items for young families. Don’t just think about what you see in front of you — imagine each item’s potential. A little paint or creative repurposing might be in order.

About the Author: Sunny Aimslee is a Chicago-born writer and environmentalist who started out in accounting but soon became interested in the planet.

Disclaimer:   This is a partnered post.