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YAY!  It’s Thanksgiving Break this week!

Our district is out for the entire week for Thanksgiving, and today, it’s pretty nasty outside so it’s an indoor day for us.

Since we’re not going to see any family until Thursday, the boys will be playing plenty of Xbox with their cousins this week.

Right now, they’re playing Hide n’ Seek on Minecraft.

 photo mchide_zpsf5172147.jpg


  • Select the Peaceful Creative Mode.
  • Turn gamer tags off.

How to Play:

  • Choose a seeker.
  • Everyone else hides around the world.
  • When the seeker finds someone, that person become a seeker, too, until everyone is found.
  • Last person hidden wins.


  • Don’t hide underground.
  • Don’t hide in the sky.
  • Don’t hide in a village.

When two people are playing on the same Xbox, they just have to use the honor system and not watch where the other one goes!

Have fun!