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It seems that I’ve been patting Google on the back a lot lately!  Not that they need reviews from me, but they really do have some great apps out there of which you may not be aware!

Today, let’s talk about getting Google Play Store credit for a simple click or two!

Google Opinion Rewards is a great way to get free Play Store credit to use on new apps, buying lives and credits within games, and anything in the Google Play Store!

You simply download and install the app, answer a few questions about your dynamic (name, age, location, etc.), and wait for the little Opinion Rewards icon to pop up at the top of your phone.  When it pops up, you pull down the menu, click on it, and answer the questions.  Sometimes, there are a few questions, and sometimes, there is only one!
Google Opinion Rewards - Easy Money! | Free #Android App of the Week

Yesterday, I was awarded $1 Play Store credit for answering the question, “Do you own a credit card?”  I said no, and it gave me $1!

This morning, I answered a two question survey (can’t remember what it was!), and it gave me $0.28 Play Store Credit.

Once you have money in there, you can click on the “Shop” button and spend your credit!  So easy.

My hubby has been doing this for a while, and he’s paid for some apps this way!  It’s a great way to buy stuff within your games if you don’t want it to come out of your attached credit card!

Have fun!