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If you’re struggling to conceive, you could be making some mistakes without even realizing it. You need to be not only physically, but mentally prepared when trying for a baby. These are the mistakes you could be making:

Failing To Make A Note Of Your Most Fertile Periods

Making sure you’re trying during your most fertile periods will obviously give you the best chance of conceiving. You should make a note of these to experience success. You can use apps to help you track it and figure it out, as well as products that are used like pregnancy tests.

Not ‘Doing It’ Enough

You should be having regular intercourse to fall pregnant. It can take a woman under 34 up to a year to get pregnancy with regular intercourse.

Blaming Yourself Or Worrying

If you blame yourself for not being able to conceive, or you find yourself worrying too much, you could be hindering the process. The key is to relax and never be too hard on yourself.

Ignoring Problems

If you have any problems, it would be silly to ignore them. Getting medical attention is important, especially if they could be stopping you from conceiving. They might be easy to rectify, or you may need to have tests to see what else is going on. If it turns out you can’t naturally conceive, it’s normal to feel terribly stressed and confused. There are other options though. Take a look at the infographic below.

Infographic Provides Information For donating eggs