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If you are thinking about shopping online, then you are thinking along the right lines. However, to nab great deals while saving a ton of cash, you need to go beyond typing some random words on Google and actually go about the business of finding the right product.

Save Money Shopping Online

Below are strategies that will save you cash:

Get the time right

You will find that most online stores roll out their discounts on Wednesdays, Fridays or Sundays. On these days, they are feeling the heat of a slow week so they try to go lower in order to score with you. If you are looking to shop on Monday, then be ready to get hit with a shocker at the checkout-Mondays are not good days to shop online at all. If you are looking for travel discounts, then Sunday is your day.

Find a price comparison app

Gone are the days when we all needed to pore over each individual site on our list in a bid to compare prices-there are now apps built for that purpose. The Pricegrabber app and Pricelink are some of the great choices out there, and they both leave you thoroughly informed about what you need to buy. In addition to that, they do all the math for you, giving you a rundown of delivery expenses as well as any other added expenses. You could always use an online catalogue comparison to help you find the best credit catalogues.

Retain items in the cart

After adding items to cart, do not always check out. Companies are constantly trying to get rid of the high number of item carts that have not been checked out, and will do everything to have you finish your shopping. If you leave a cart with items in a logged account for a day or two, chances are that you will get an email from the seller asking for you to check out at a discount. If it doesn’t happen, you have still avoided impulse buying, so it’s a win-win!