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You want to get the kids out of the house, and away from video games. But, there are a few benefits to playing games; of course, the right ones, and for a limited time each day. So, if you want your kids to develop, including games (board and video) is one way in which you can help them.

Are games good for children's development?

Hand eye coordination

Some games require your kids to focus on figures, colors, and other areas during play. Not only does this help in development, but also improving hand eye coordination. Since they have to go in a series or follow certain patterns, it can help with this form of development over time. There are loads of different games which can help your child’s hand eye co ordination, one game which is a great one for the whole family is guitar hero. If you are interested in purchasing a console on finance¬†or outright so the whole family can use then there are loads of different sites which can help you find the best deal for you. I would recommend using a catalog comparison site.

Memory retention

Again, if they are required to memorize patterns, follow a series, or do things in a certain order, games can help with memory improvement as well. But, this does not have to be in the form of video games. There are many mind games, and board games they can play which are more beneficial to development.

Memory games

Many cognitive games, such as math series, doing puzzles, or other mental games, can also help with retention and help with their development phases. Of course you want to monitor play, and make sure they are doing the games which are age appropriate so they actually get something out of it when they are playing these games.

No, playing shooter games all day or sitting inside playing video games won’t help your kids in the long run; with this in mind, there are benefits to playing games, when the right ones are chosen. So if you are monitoring play, and limit how long they can play each day, there are some benefits your child may derive, and benefits in their development, and cognitive growth as they are getting older playing certain styles and types of games.