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Many parents complain how technology is keeping their kids indoors. But there are actually plenty of ways to use gadgets to get your kids playing outside. Here are just a few examples of outdoorsy tech to encourage your kids to get out the house.

Kids video cameras

Kids love role-playing their own movies. If they’re too young to have a mobile phone, a specialist kids’ camcorder could be worth buying as a gift. Many of these are water-proof and fairly robust – a far cry from the hand-held cameras of yesteryear. It’s certainly more preferable than lending your kids your cell phone.

5 Gadgets To Get Your Kids Outdoors


Quadcopters are basically miniature drones. You can buy these as cheap as thirty dollars, although such models are likely to be less easy to control and may not be able to fit a camera. As seen here, it can sometimes be worth paying a little extra for better specs. Such toys are certain to entertain kids, but be careful of giving these to kids that are too young and likely to easily damage such tech – you don’t want to splash out on a quadcopter only for it to get lost in a lake within the first hour of use!

Watergun gadgets

Whilst water fights encourage kids to play outdoors, there’s still the issue of them coming indoors to fill up their water guns. What you don’t want is for the fight to get continued indoors. Fortunately, there are now gadgets that can allow easy filling-up outside such as the Turbo Fill Blaster. These are attached to a hose and allow guns to be refilled easily.

Smart sports equipment

There are now lots of smart options to sports equipment that could provide another incentive to get outdoors. For example, for those kids eager to get into baseball, there are now balls that can measure the speed of a pitch. These could be great for practicing throws. There are also smart basketballs and footballs on the market. Many of these can be used in conjunction with apps to give readings.

Outdoor apps

If your child owns a mobile phone, there are plenty of apps that can get them outdoors and keep them busy. The geocaching phenomenon for example now has its own app. This can be a great activity for parents and children alike, offer a real-world treasure hunt.

Other apps may offer more virtual treasure hunts. These include Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts and of course the hugely popular Pokemon Go.