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There’s so many mixed reviews regarding gaming and children. Some will say it’s a way of brainwashing their minds, but it literally can only do good. As long as you regulate game time, it can really help open their imaginations on another level. Gaming is so much more popular amongst both boys and girls now. Especially since most games now offer a female character selection as well as male. So don’t be afraid to let your daughter explore the world of gaming. There’s such a wide variety of genres to choose from, some which will help with vital skills such as problem solving. Not only do they now contain some real knowledge, they’re an excellent way of forming friendships if they’re old enough to play online. Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t dismiss a child’s love of being hooked on gaming.

Let Your Child's Mind Expand Through Gaming

Gaining Knowledge

The information contained is some gains is so accurate, it’ll be like they’re having a history lesson at the same time. Take Assassins Creed for example, so much history knowledge is delivered through the game. Their attention is going to be so fixated on the story of the game, it’ll be hard for them not to take the information in. It’s also a good way of them learning quickly just how dangerous the real world can be. Games such as Call of Duty, whilst they are fun, highlight the real dangers of the political world. Fighting in a war isn’t all it’s cut out to be, and this is quickly found out through the CoD gaming series. But for the most part, knowledge gained is influential. You can find more about how gaming expands knowledge in this post


There is no better way than letting your imagination take you away than there is with gaming. Especially with one’s that have an immersive story behind it. Take the Final Fantasy series, their story line is that in depth, your child will feel like they’re living it. Just check out their website,, and you’ll truly understand how realistic the games are being made. It is so easy to get hooked on a story line and let the imagination run wild. For the time spent playing the game, your child will leave all reality and escape to a happy place. It’s a great tool to help them feel as if they belong somewhere in a world that can sometimes be lonely. This imagination can expand into the real world. When playing with friends, they’ll often replicate story lines in outdoor play.


Gaming develops a surprisingly large amount of transferrable skills. No matter who you are, you will have played a game that involved a huge amount of problem solving. Whether that be from computer gaming, or a board game. Learning to not give up when something seems impossible is what happens in pretty much every game. This perseverance learned from a young age can be transferred into working life and social situations. Communication skills are another thing that thrives in the gaming world. So many games have an online feature, which is now sometimes more popular than the story mode. Learning to talk through the microphone in a friendly manner can be applied to pretty much any working career that involves telephone communication. Teamwork is another strong skill gained. Learning to solve issues as a team is a vital skill needed is any aspect of life. Not all the time will you be expected to work alone, it’s good to know how to be able to communicate and work effectively as a group. Check out more life skills learned on websites such as


A pure passion for gaming can soon turn into a love for a career in the field. There are so many careers to explore, that the possibilities are endless. Whether they’re working as a gaming tester, or developer, it all feeds the love of gaming. They could even go into the marketing side of things which would open even more doors. The money to be made in the gaming world is a lot bigger than people realise. Big game developers get paid around $87,000 a year for doing something they have a pure passion for. Take a look at salaries being offered here So many people nowadays are stuck in dead end careers they have no interest in. Gaming would be the complete opposite. There’s also opportunities to go freelance, giving them flexibility to live a full life at the same time.

So it’s easy to see why gaming can be such a big influence in the development of your child’s mind. Don’t dismiss it as being an escape from reality, embrace it as being a door to their future.