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Bedroom design for children: what you should think about

Designing a room to suit the needs of a child can be a fun, but daunting experience. Not only do many parents want a stylish and stimulating room that will grow with the child, but safety and functionality are also key concerns. Read below for some the things to consider when you’re designing a home that includes children.


Although many items can be retrofitted with safety devices, such as brackets to prevent tipping of furniture, ideally you can address potential hazards at the design stage. Across Melbourne, you’ll find an array of modern home builders that will be able to help you with this task. A great place to start is with cabinetry that is custom designed to suit your space. Not only will this provide storage, but being built in will prevent tipping hazards of items such as chest of drawers that pose well known safety risks for toddlers who like to explore. Lockable doors can also hide away these areas and allow access on your terms! Shelving that is on the floor (such as cubes or containers) is also good for access and reducing the height of shelves for those who have climbing little ones. Safe power points and avoiding sharp corners is also advised.

Bedroom Designs for Children

Functional comfort

Being comfortable in a space is important for establishing a child’s good sleeping habits. If you don’t wish to artificially heat or cool rooms at night, locating a child’s bedroom in a north facing place within your house design is ideal. Ventilation should also be factored into your house design as a whole in order to circulate air no matter the season. Light will also affect the sleep of children so plan for good quality black out blinds that promote daytime napping. Depending on your child, lots of decoration and toys can be stimulating when they are trying to nod off. For this reason, some parents will refrain from items such as mobiles and place toys in a separate play area.


Decorating a child’s room is often the part many people look forward to most! Washable paint is a great option as sticky finger marks, paint or whatever your little one has been into can be washed away more easily. Wall paper and fabric wall coverings are less easily cleaned so best kept for other areas of the house. Don’t forget a comfortable feeding chair for babies, these will become a cosy reading chair as the child gets older. If you’re budget conscious, you’ll get better value out of décor that is more timeless, meaning neutral coloured items such as beds and furniture. You can add colour with furnishing like small pillows and knick knacks that complement you or your child’s taste of the day. Removable wall decals are also great to transform a space without making permanent changes.

So whether your home design is in Melbourne, Darwin or Perth, consider your safety, functionality and décor needs in order to create a stimulating and comfortable bedroom for your child.