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Hobbies are a great way to spend your free time. Aside from having fun, some hobbies can also sharpen the mind and strengthen the body. Certain hobbies are also practical to have, as some of these can greatly improve your quality of living.

It’s all about your needs when it comes to choosing the right hobbies. Some hobbies can be very challenging, and some have a financial barrier as well. Below are some examples of hobbies that you can easily get into nowadays.


You’re missing out on a lot of entertainment if you don’t play video games as a pastime. There are varied genres and you literally have an endless selection to choose from. If you’re really good at it, and you’re open to broadcasting your gaming shenanigans online, you can even make money off specialized streaming sites.

8 Hobbies that Are Easy to Learn


Ball picks, hook picks, torsion wrenches, rakes, skeleton keys and sparrows lock pick sets are just some of the many tools you’ll encounter in the world of lockpicking. It may sound complicated and daunting, given the bevy of tools at your disposal, but surprisingly, the hobby is easy to get into. It’s also a practical skill to have, in case you get yourself locked out of the house or your car.


Here’s another practical hobby that can lead to a lot of things. Growing veggies and herbs can be a lucrative side-gig if you have a dedicated green thumb. Just be prepared to do some homework on the best crops to plant in your backyard or free lot. Gardening is also a great hobby to partner with the culinary arts.


A nifty hobby that’s best paired with gardening, cooking should be a basic skill nowadays. Knowledge and training in the culinary arts can improve the quality of your life in getting fed better and healthier. Cooking can also be a bankable skill that you can make money off in various scenarios.


Worried about the “inevitable” end of the civilized human world? Want to be ready for a Mad Max-esque, apocalyptic scenario? Prepping is a hobby that’s fast becoming popular, and for good reason too, given the political instability of the world at times. Some serious preppers have even turned it into a lifestyle, with their personal fallout shelters, bunkers, and whatnot.


If you have a mid-range phone with decent cameras, you’re set for the hobby of photography. You don’t have to invest in a fancy-schmancy DSLR or mirrorless camera. Start small with your own phone and get to snapping photos of your favorite topics. If you’re quite into the hobby and you’re needing better tools for the trade, then that’s the time to invest in a specialized camera.


Want people to listen to your innermost musings? Have a knack for writing really interesting perspectives about the most normal of things? Get into blogging then. There’s always room on the Internet for a great blogger. Just find your niche and your audience, an online platform, and you’re set.


Have a marketable skill that you want to make money off? Are you awesome at writing, or at drawing? Look into online freelancing as a side-gig. There are plenty of freelancer sites out there right now. In fact, a lot of people all over the globe are seriously working as freelancers nowadays.