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How long do you last when the crying starts?

My heart contracts the moment my dog starts making that dreadful noise. And no, it doesn’t necessarily go away as they get older. Our dogs have personalities of their own and these determine how they’ll be when they’re mature.

But as most parents influence how their children are when they grow up, you have some control over your puppy’s behavior. If you want to put an end to crying you have to make the right decisions from the start.

Once your puppy learnt bad habits it’s hard to break them. So let’s help you find solutions and fix the puppy crying problem from the start.

Puppy Training Tips

Why do Puppies Cry?

Do you sometimes feel like crying? What sets you off? Your puppy also has triggers. When you understand your puppy’s weak points it’s easier to handle the situation better. For one thing you’ll feel less guilt.

Firstly I want you to ignore the remorse you probably feel every time the puppy crying starts. Crying is normal. Your puppy isn’t necessarily sick or hurting. What you have to deal with is an emotion.

It’s called instinct. Your puppy’s crying is his or her tool to let his parent—that’s you now—know it’s in danger. At least, it thinks it is because it feels abandoned. And when do they feel this abandonment?

  • Sleeping in a new home for the first time
  • Placed in a new dog house or pen
  • Being left alone when you go out
  • Being in a different room at night than before

You can see that puppy crying is mostly triggered by change. All you have to do is help the puppy realize it’s actually in a safe environment.

I would advise you to pick a permanent sleeping area before you take your puppy home for the first time. I was unwise when I got my first dog. Do you know how long I struggled to get it to sleep in its own bed instead of mine? I created a habit, so I can’t blame the dog!

What Can You Do?

What does your instinct tell you? Mine made me think comforting my crying puppy will solve the problem.


I had to accept the noise that cut through me like a knife. Keep telling yourself that what you’re doing is for long term benefits for both of you. This mantra helped. But I won’t lie to you, it was tough.

Stand Your Ground

Don’t respond to the crying! What your puppy wants is for you to come home, hold it or return it to its previous sleeping pen. You must show him or her that it won’t happen.

When you give in to its wishes once, it believes it will get what it wants whenever it cries. You just motivated more crying.

Only Reward the Right Behavior

What you do want to motivate is its good behaviour. It may be few and far between, but each time you celebrate it you’re one step closer to less crying.

I never believed this. I thought my scolding will do the trick. But that just meant my dog—left alone in the kitchen—got to see me as I came barging in from my room. This was part of its plan so the crying never stopped.

In exasperation I started staying away when it cried and only coming with treats when it was silent for a while. That’s when I experienced victory!

A Tip that Works

I guess we’re naïve thinking a puppy left in a dark room by itself will go to sleep directly. Why not help him unwind after its exciting day?

A treat that will occupy its attention will help him become more relaxed. A biscuit will disappear in second. Rather try hooves that take a while to chew.

The good news is that repetitive positive reinforcement can solve your problem within days. Yes, that’s how quick you can put a stop to this problem.

But it’s going to take nerves of steel.