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Sometimes, parents shy away from encouraging their kids to take up competitive sports.In fact, the word ‘competition’ can set fear in our hearts, especially if we know our youngster has a hard time losing. Why set them up for the fall if you don’t have to? Surely it’s better for everyone if they leave well alone?

Competitive Sports For The Child Who Can't Stand Losing

Not at all. In truth, avoiding sports like these is the worst thing they could do. How can they overcome their inability to lose if they never have to face that reality? Encouraging them to go ahead could well be a much better choice. Sure, there may be some wobbles along the way, but the lessons they’ll learn will make those all worthwhile. So, stock up on those softball uniforms. Buy them that bat they’ve been asking for all year. Then, sit back and watch them flourish with the following lessons.

Teamwork leads to faster success

If your child is particularly competitive, they may struggle to work as part of a team. Many such children get it in their minds that going it alone is the best way to success. After all, they won’t have to wait on anyone else that way. But, competitive sports which require teams can turn this thinking on its head. After all, running off on their own will only lead to issues. It’s certainly no way to win. Instead, they’ll have to start working with that team and learning how to communicate. The rewards such efforts reap will ensure continued effort. And, in no time at all, your child will realize that working with others can be a help, rather than a hindrance. Sports like softball, basketball, and football and especially useful for this lesson. So much so that it’s near enough impossible to function alone when playing.

It’s not all about winning

Isn’t this what you’ve been telling your child for years? But, no matter how many times you bring the point home, they dismiss it. It’s likely you’ve lost count of many times they’ve responded with something along the lines of ‘it’s no fun if I don’t win.’. Well, competitive sports will change that. If your child finds a game they love to play, they’re going to have fun, irrelevant of whether they win. The first few losses may still cause tantrums. But, keep coming back to this point. Over time, your child will be unable to deny that they had fun, irrelevant of the final score.

Always show etiquette to the winning team

Competitive sports are also fantastic at teaching how to show etiquette to the winning team. A sore loser may often try to argue with the winner, or accuse them of cheating. But, that won’t sit in competitive sports. Instead, players practice shaking hands with and congratulating the other team. This will especially be the case in club matches. Tantrums may still win over to start with. But, as your child sees every other team member acting politely, they’ll soon begin to follow suit.