PREMAMA® Essentials Prenatal Drink Mix Review & Giveaway (11/7) | #pregnancy

As a doula, one of the most common early pregnancy complaints that I hear (aside of just being flat out tired all the time) is that moms hate taking prenatal vitamins because they make them sick in some form or fashion.  Whether it’s heightened morning sickness or constipation, sometimes, prenatal vitamins seem like they’re doing ...
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Dad’s Perspective Attachment Parenting Series | #attachmentparenting

Starting this week, I am going to start an attachment/natural parenting series called called “Dad’s Perspective Attachment Parenting Series”. I will be featuring three different dads from the Houston area.  All three of these dads have completely different professions, a range of different number of kiddos, different upbringings, and their own thoughts on natural parenting. ...
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