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Can you believe that people have been gaming since the seventies? In fact, even longer than that if we consider the time consoles have been in production. It seems like only yesterday, doesn’t it? Yet, games consoles have moved at such a fast rate that the originals have been shunted into the history books. You may watch your kids playing on the latest releases and wonder how things could change so much. But, even now nothing beats the beginning. The good news is, retro gaming is still big business. The consoles may not be in production anymore, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t around. And, we’re going to look at a few of the reasons why you should encourage your kids to use them.



We may be looking at them through rose tinted glasses, but nothing beats the originals, right? Kids now have ipads and top of the range Playstations. But, they miss out on Sega and Atari. Consoles of the past just seem to have more heart behind them. It may be because production was nowhere near as huge as it is now. New release consoles and games can often seem a little heartless. But, things couldn’t have been more different back in the day. When new games were released once in a blue moon, you came to love them like an extension of yourself. Better, you could see the geeky hearts of everyone who worked on them. The fact that many young gamers still turn to the retro options suggests we’re not being sentimental when we say that. So, let your kids have a go. Chances are, they’ll fall in love in the same way you did!

A New Arrival To Retro Gaming

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We’re always looking for ways to bond with our children. As parents, we are automatically lame and undesirable. But, introducing your tech-keen kids to retro gaming is a sure way in. It’s something you can do together which interests you both. It’s up to you how far you take the hobby. You could settle for playing your favorite console together now and again. Or, you might want to go all out and collect rare games. You could research the rarest games Sega Genesis hunters need in their collection. You could find out which Nintendo games are most worth owning. You could even attend retro gaming get togethers if you want to. And, ensure you make the most of spending time with your kid! That’s what matters most, after all.


We all want to have something to pass down to our kids. And, okay, retro gaming isn’t something you pass down. But, it is a legacy of sorts. This is something your kids will one day do with their children. And, they’ll think of you as they do it. Not to mention that passing on the retro bug means that you’re keeping it alive. If people weren’t playing these consoles, they would soon disappear. And none of us want that!