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Not so long ago, parents would have been rocked by the realization that they have a geeky kid. Some parents still are. Geeks were seen as unfashionable, not great in social situations, terrible at sports and inept when it came to getting boyfriends or girlfriends. However, this is no longer the case because the term geek can pretty much relate to anything. Fantasy football, film and television, Star Wars, chemistry, the rise of Conor McGregor or even anime. In that sense, everyone is a geek because everyone has that little something they get excited about a little too much; that thing we find out and then sit on for weeks and weeks until we are ready to tell someone, only to be looked at with a blank expression and zero enthusiasm. 

Why having a geeky child is awesome!

Basically, being a geek is totally fine. No. It is more than fine. Being a geek is awesome, and that is why you should encourage your child’s geekiness, and here are a few points to back that statement up:

They’ll Be An Expert

The whole point of being a geek is being more knowledgeable than the average person in a certain area, whatever that area may be. It is being the fountain of knowledge that others will begin to go to in order to find out more. That brings loads of benefits with it, not least of all a feeling satisfaction and self-esteem.

It Teaches Dedication

Being a geek isn’t something that can be done lightly or through a half-hearted desire. Not at all. Being a geek requires serious dedication and commitment because being an expert requires time and effort, understanding and passion. It is the manifestation of all those things, and that is something that can transfer very easily to other aspects of their life; school, career and even family. To go through life without knowing the pleasure of committing to a passion would be a horrendous waste of life.

Make Real Friends

Most long-term relationships are built on a mutual hobby or interest. It could be that your child is part of an anime network in which they discuss the latest episodes to come out of Japan or they natter away about which players performed best that week in their Fantasy Football league or if they just love Harry Potter. There are always others that will share that enthusiasm, and that is what will help your child blossom into someone who is full of self-confidence. 

It Is About Honesty

We didn’t realize just how important it was to encourage your geeky child to be a geek until we read a quote by Simon Pegg where he basically said being a geek is all about being honest about who you are and the passions you have and not being ashamed to show off these impossibly strong affiliations. Playing it cool about stuff is not a cool way to go through life. That is what adults who have zero passions do. It is far cooler to be an impassioned child that has bubbles with enthusiasm than it is to seem unbothered. Basically, being a geek is liberating.