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Owning a gun for home security is a good idea. However, having one in a house full of children can lead to disaster. What is essentially a weapon to keep your family safe from harm may backfire and lead to every parent’s worst nightmare—injuries or even death.

On June 20, 2017, CNN reported that, on the average, 1,297 children die annually due to gun-related accidents happening in the US. Learn how to keep your children safe from injuries with these general guidelines:

How to Protect Your Kids from Your Guns at Home

Do Not Tell Your Kids about It

Not getting a gun is the safest choice, but sometimes, owning a gun is a necessity for home security, especially in states where crime and home invasions are rampant. A workaround for this is to not let your kids know that there is a gun in the house.

If they don’t know about it, they won’t go looking for it. Don’t raise it in conversations where your kids can eavesdrop. Hide the gun in a safe place where your kids won’t stumble upon it.

Keep the Gun Unloaded, and Hide the Ammo Separately

Never leave your gun loaded if it’s not in use, and keep the ammo in a separate box with its own hiding place. Doing so will make it difficult for your kids to use the gun.

Do not store bulk 9 mm ammunition (or any other ammo caliber) in obvious parts of the house, or else they’ll be found by your kids and pique their curiosity. For shooting practice, the ammunition bought from outside should always be taken directly to the range. Don’t take them home.

Hide the Gun in a Strongbox

A strongbox or a safe is a good place to store a gun. Hiding both the box and the key separately will make it less likely for your children or anyone else from finding and opening the box.

A good tactic is to pile a bunch of boring “legal” documents in the box and bury your gun underneath them. Place the box somewhere high where it can’t be seen, like atop a wardrobe. Hide the key in your wallet or in a keychain with other mundane keys.

These precautions won’t raise your kids’ curiosity, and if they stumble upon any of these, they’ll assume that it’s just nothing and will leave the items alone.

Choose a Small, Concealable, Low-Caliber Handgun

A small handgun that uses 9 mm ammo is the most recommended choice for home security. Handguns are enough to stop burglars and are easy to hide.

Furthermore, revolvers like the  Taurus Judge are quick to reload in case immediate action is needed. Bulk 9 mm cartridges bought online are among the affordable and easiest options to get in the market.

Last Words

It’s part of being a responsible parent and gun owner to fully secure firearms in a place where they can’t be used by children. Be that parent, and protect your children with your guns and from your guns.

By adhering to these tips, your children won’t become another casualty counted toward a statistic. They can grow up happy without trauma. And hopefully, they’ll live long enough to see a world without guns. All that starts with you—a responsible parent and gun owner.