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I find that, whenever technology is involved, my parents just don’t want to hear about it. They come from a generation where technology was never really the crazy thing we know it as today. The biggest advancements they had growing up were the telephone and TV. It’s likely many of you have elderly parents that retired before computers even became a mainstream thing as well.


Therefore, they don’t know a lot about technology, and they’ve not grown up with it and learnt how to use it like we have. So, it can be hard to convince them that technology is their friend. I find that a lot of elderly people are really against things like cell phones. They don’t think they need one and will refuse to get one no matter how many times I say they’re useful. So, I thought today’s article could focus on convincing your parents they need a phone. I’ve come up with some of the main arguments they’ll throw at you, and how you can counter them.

‘Cell Phones Are Far Too Expensive’

Usually, their first argument is that cell phones are too expensive. “What’s the point in buying one, they’re way too expensive!” Granted, this is somewhat true as you do have plenty of top phones from the likes of Samsung, etc. that are nearing $1000. However, there are different phones for different budgets. If your parents don’t want to spend much on their phone, then they don’t have to. There are plenty of cell phone plans for senior citizens that are designed to be cheaper and more affordable. So, that pretty much counters this argument right there and then.

‘I Don’t Need All The Fancy Features’

Another highly common argument from the older generation is that they have no need for all the fancy features that come with modern phones. They’ll tell you they have no business going online, they don’t need to take photos, and they haven’t got a clue what an app is, so why bother? To this you can say; that may be true, but who says you need a phone with all this? There are some cell phones out there that are stripped bare and contain the absolute minimum amount of tech possible. Their sole purpose is to make and receive calls/texts. So, the fancy features argument gets thrown out the window here.

‘I Can Just Call People From Home’

When they start bringing out this argument, you know you’ve almost won. Yes, you can call people from home, but what if you’re not at home? What if you’re out doing the shopping and remember you needed to call the doctor to book an appointment? Or, what if you’re out and someone needs to get hold of you in an emergency? There’s no downside to having a phone handy when you’re not sitting around the house.

Hopefully, your parents will see the light after you’ve countered all their best arguments. Let them know that they don’t have to spend big, and can get a simple phone that’s very convenient. They’ll have nothing left to say, and you finally have an easier way of contacting them!